Returnil System Safe

Returnil System Safe 2011 3.2.11341.5521

Run a disposable copy of your system


  • Very easy to use
  • Keeps your system perfectly safe


  • If you want to keep any file, remember to save it to a different partition or drive
  • Some extended options are only available in the Premium version

Not bad

Returnil System Safe is a security application that combines antivirus, anti malware and creates a virtual environment where you can work free of threats.

If you're anything like me, you spend half of your computer time testing all sorts of new software tools. However the side effects to this hobby can seriously affect your computer's stability and performance. With Returnil System Safe you won't have to worry about the integrity of your system while testing new software anymore.

Returnil System Safe creates a temporary virtual copy of your operating system and runs it on top of the actual one. All changes you make while using this virtual system will be deleted after rebooting, preserving the real configuration from any unwanted effects.

The temporary system can be created either in the system's memory or on a virtual disk partition created and mounted by Returnil System Safe. Any changes made to this partition (newly-installed apps, files you create, even Internet browsing traces) will be deleted after you reboot your system.

Of course, this means that if you actually want to keep any file while testing Returnil System Safe, you'll have to save them on a separate drive or partition – otherwise they'll be deleted as well.

Returnil System Safe is an excellent way to test new programs and new system configurations without fear of ruining your actual system.

Added German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, and Russian translations


  • Added German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, and Russian translations
Returnil System Safe


Returnil System Safe 2011 3.2.11341.5521

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